SNaP Youth Project

Working with and supporting young people to recognise and believe in their abilities and potential to live the life they aspire to live and play a full and active role in their community.




Groups of young people said that they felt safer meeting their friends in the car park in the middle of the village. They told us that ‘there’s trouble down on the rec’ and they don’t want to be associated with it.



In consultation with young people, local businesses and community members, SNAP Youth now facilitates a Detached Youth Work Service. This youth provision is delivered in spaces where young people choose to meet. The youth workers have built positive relationships with young people and together they have planned activities that match the young people’s interests.



The car park is no longer the desired meeting place for young people.

Businesses and community members shared how peaceful the village centre feels in the evening.

The detached youth workers have reported working with large numbers of young people during the evenings.

The young people say that they feel safe on the ‘rec’ when the SNAP workers are there. They say that they really enjoy taking part in the challenges, sports, discussions and art and craft activities.

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